Independent anticorruption center is working in the sphere of investigative journalism, covering broad themes for the public benefit. We endeavour to have all our publications correspond to international professional standards.

Values and principles

We believe that freedom of speech and strong independent mass media guarantee public health, democratic development of the country and respect of human rights.

We see our mission as control over authorities and large businesses in order to establish fair and transparent rules of interaction between all the participants of the public dialogue.

Our values: openness, professionalism, accountability (accuracy and objectivity), and fairness.

Our principles: independence, political and commercial impartiality, absence of discrimination and zero tolerance for corruption.

Independence is funded through international donor support and donations from our readers. No financial aid can serve as the basis for donors to expect any services or preferential treatment from our editorial team. We treat everyone with equal attention and respect.

Any attempt to put pressure on the editorial team can be instantly made public.

Any employee shall avoid the conflict of interests while working on investigations. In case the conflict of interests rises, the employee shall not take part in preparation of the material.

Accuracy and objectivity

We shall include a reference to the source of any data used in a publication in the same publication. Information which can’t be supported by documentary evidence, should be corroborated by several (two or more) sources which are independent from one another.

In case revelation of the informant’s identity is threatening his/her safety, safety of his/her family, his/her reputation or makes further access to the information impossible, we shall guarantee preservation of this source’s anonymity. This source shall not be revealed either publicly or in private communication. journalists gather information openly, introduce themselves using their own names and never hide their affiliation with Working «under cover» is possible by way of exception and must be sanctioned by the editor-in-chief.

Any probable mistake of fact or comprehension in a publication shall be corrected as soon as possible.

Commitment is legally and morally liable for the published information and is undertaking every effort to verify and corroborate the information.

When materials have been published, we don’t delete them either under pressure or for a reward. We can delete a material only under exceptional circumstances, provided the article has been found to contain a critical number of mistakes. It’s a collective decision of the editorial team to delete the material, and an explanation shall be published on the same page.


We are open to cooperation with other media, non-governmental organizations or individual investigators that focus on countering corruption.

We do value cooperation with all our readers and are carefully listening to any proposals; however, any decision to start working on an investigation and publish it shall be taken exclusively by the editorial team.